Aquatic Life Introduces RO Daddy Commercial-Grade RO Unit

System produces up to 1,000 gallons per day of filtered water.

Aquatic Life, LLC. has introduced a commercial grade Reverse Osmosis and water purification system that the company says can produce up to 1,000 gallons of filtered water each day. The system, called the RO Daddy, features a 1:1.8 waste ratio and comes with a 1-micron pre-filter, solid carbon block, GAC cartridge, TFC 1,000 GPD membrane and membrane wrench, and built-in mounting brackets.


  • Manual flush valve allows user to increase membrane life
  • Durable stainless steel membrane housing ensures long life
  • Powder coated steel frame securely suspends cartridge housings for easy removal
  • Wrench makes it easy to access cartridge housings
  • Large 3/4 IN FPT inlet water supply makes it easy to plumb to a water source of choice
  • 0.5 IN Buddy-Fit™ Press Fit Connectors simplify plumbing
  • 0-200 PSI gauge provides a pressure reading of the water to the membrane to help the user regulate the incoming water for efficient filtered water production
  • 8 FT x 0.5 IN White Polyethylene Tubing helps with plumbing setup
  • Large rubber feet stabilize unit while resting on a surface
  • Built-in wall mount bracket allows the unit to be secured in place
  • Includes 1 Micron Pre-filter, Solid Carbon Block, Catalytic GAC cartridges and TFC membrane


  • Minimum water pressure:  55 PSI
  • Maximum water pressure:  80 PSI
  • Optimal water temperature: 77*F (25*C)
  • Maximum water temperature:  105*F (40.5*C)
  • Typical rejection rate: 1:1.8

It is built around a powder coated steel frame that suspends the cartridge housings for easier servicing, the company said. The unit’s flush valves are manual, to ensure long life of the membrane, and the system’s PSI gauge gives pressure readings from the water to the filter, enabling users to regulate incoming water for more efficient filtered water production, the company said.

RO Daddy is priced at $699. For more information, visit

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