Aquascaping Articles

Aquascaping can turn your tank into a work of art. Check out some of the articles on the subject and turn your habitat into a home that your fish will enjoy.


Cichlid Fish Habitat Tips
Bonus content from the August 2009 AFI magazine column The Aquabotanist.

Nonaquatic Plants
Bonus content from the August 2010 AFI magazine article Work Your Underwater Garden.

Using a Second Mixture Bottle With CO2 Systems (and Measuring the Amount of CO2)
Supplement to the AFI July 2008 The Aquarist’s Notebook.

Ripariums: A New Type of Planted Tank
Fish and marginal aquatic plants come together perfectly in these creative beautiful ripariums

Shrimp Winners from the 2012 Pet, Garden and Hobby Fair in Hanover Germany
A variety of beautiful shrimp from around the world were entered in this year’s competition.

Why Keep Aquatic Plants?
Bonus content from the March 2009 AFI magazine article Three Tough Planted Tanks.

Using Driftwood and Coconuts to Change Water Acidity
Q&A about using drifwood to change freshwater aquarium water acidity.

Oscars or Plants
Bonus content from the September 2009 AFI magazine column The Aquabotanist.

Anatomy of a Mudskipper Habitat
AFI contributing author Stephen G. Noble discusses how he created one of his mudskipper habitats

Plants as Fish Food
Aquatic plants can be attractive and a good fish food.