Aquarium Shrimp Taxonomy

A breakdown of ornamental shrimp taxonomy to supplement the 2013 Coral & Reef USA article Scintillating Shrimp

FishChannel Online ExclusivePhylum Arthropoda
   Subphylum Crustacea
      Class Malacostraca
 Order Decopoda
              Infraorder Caridea
                           Superfamily Alpheoidea
                                     Family Alpheidae
                                      e.g., Alpheus spp. (283 spp.)
                                     Family Hippolytidae
                                                   e.g., Saron spp. (four species), Lysmata (42 species), Thor (12 species), Tozeuma (11 species)
                          Superfamily Pandaloidea
                                      Family Pandalidae
                                                  e.g., Miropandalus hardingi (1 species)
                          Superfamily Nematocarcinoidea
                                        Family Rhynchocinetidae
                                                    e.g., Rhynchocinetes (14 species), Cinetorhynchus   11 species)
                          Superfamily Palaemonoidea
                                     Family Gnathophyllidae
                                                  e.g., Gnathophyllum (Bumblebee shrimp — nine       species)
                                     Family Hymenoceridae
                                                  e.g., Hymenocera  (harlequin shrimp — two species?), Phyllognathia ceratophthalma (two species)
                                     Family Palaemonidae
                                                  Subfamily Palaemoninae
                                                               e.g., Leander plumosus (nine species), Urocaridella (seven spp.)
                                                  Subfamily Pontoniinae
                                                                  Periclimenes – >100 species (e.g., P. colemani, P. brevicarpalis, P. imperator)
                                                                  Dasycaris (five species),  Pontonides (eight species)
                                                                  Ancylomenes – 19 species (e.g., A. sarasvati,  A. venustus, A. pedersoni, A. holthuisi)
                                                                  Pliopontonia (two species)
                                                                  Vir (seven species)
                                                                  Cuapetes (25 species)
 Infraorder Stenopodidea
               Family Stenopodidae
                             e.g., Stenopus spp. (11 described species)
                                             (Compiled by J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.)

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