Aquarium Fish Tips and Tricks

Fishkeepers use many tips and tricks to keep their systems running optimally. Check out the tips and tricks articles and see which you can apply to your fishkeeping routine.


Choosing and Caring For The Betta Fish
For Siamese fighting fish success, choose the best Betta splendens specimen and keep it in an appropriate tank.

Keeping Aquarium Fish Alive During a Power Outage or Other Disaster
Having a contingency plan for your display aquarium is a good idea in disaster-prone areas and volatile seasons.

Display Tanks
Nothing sells fish and tanks better than an assortment of different types and sizes of aquariums

Plecos and Algae Eaters
Why do we keep selling hobbyists fish that are simply bad for their tanks?

Using System Saver II Salt in your Freshwater Tank
Water softening product from the little girl with the umbrella can work wonders.

Acrylic Tanks
Acrylic tanks

Aggressive Loach
Skunk loaches

Albino Fish
Albino fish pigment