Aquarium Fish International Ceases Publication

October 2012 will be last issue.

Dear subscribers,

Perhaps you’ve heard the sad news that Aquarium Fish International is ceasing publication. The October 2012 issue will be your last issue. This comes as a blow to all of us who dedicated our work lives to put out the best, most informative and most entertaining fishkeeping magazine possible. AFI has been catering to everyone who loves fish and corals just shy of 25 years, and it has always been our goal to pack every issue to the gills (a little levity never hurts) with the best written and accurate aquariumkeeping articles in the hobby while making the underwater world jump off the pages with arresting photography from some of the best fish and coral photographers alive today.

If you have questions about your subscription, subscribers will be receiving letters soon with additional information about the closure. As always, you can also use the customer service link or call (800) 833-7000.

On behalf of myself, Managing Editor Patricia Knight and Associate Editor Cassandra Radcliff, we’d like to thank all of our readers for their devotion. Aquarium Fish International will continue to reach out to all levels of fresh- and saltwater fishkeepers through With more than 100,000 unique fishkeeping visitors every month, FishChannel continues to offer the latest in aquarium product information, product reviews, and the best articles from your favorite aquarium magazines, including Aquarium Fish International and Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA). FishChannel continues to offer new content on a daily basis, including top-notch videos as well as informative new downloadable infographic posters on different aspects of this amazing hobby. Don’t forget to “Like” the FishChannel Facebook page too!

Fans of Aquarium Fish International will still be able to receive entertaining and informative fishkeeping information in AFI’s sister magazines, the annuals Marine Fish & Reef USA, Coral & Reef USA and Aquarium USA. Look for all three annual publications on newsstands in pet and book stores near you.

Marine Fish & Reef USA offers expert articles about all aspects of saltwater fishkeeping for the more advanced hobbyist, including information about difficult fish to keep, fish that are compatible with corals and those that are not, reef fish nutrition, breeding articles and much more.

Coral & Reef USA is the go-to source for advanced articles on the latest reefkeeping techniques and innovations, new corals and reef invertebrates, how to feed picky reef animals, tips for keeping fish and corals together – if you have a reef tank, you must have Coral & Reef USA.

For those new to fishkeeping, Aquarium USA is for you. Its articles, charts, infographics and beautiful photos capture the essence of aquariumkeeping for the beginner to intermediate hobbyist. Basic lighting, water chemistry, nutrition and aquarium set up and maintenance – and, of course, articles about all the world’s favorite pet fish species – are some of the topics covered in Aquarium USA.
Thank you again for your dedication to AFI in particular and aquariumkeeping in general. We will miss connecting with our readers every month through the pages of Aquarium Fish International. It has been a pleasure and an honor working on AFI while serving fine readers like you.

Clay Jackson
Editor, Aquarium Fish International, Marine Fish & Reef USA, Coral & Reef USA


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