Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Keep your aquarium clean with these aquarium cleaning and maintenance products.

Seachem Labs To Ship Collapsible Water Jug

HydroTote holds up to 5 gallons, folds away when not in use to take up much less space. Read More>>

Reefdoser Pro for iPad Ships



Pixelwand, the application developer that brought the reefkeeping community Reefdoser for iPhone has released Reefdoser Pro for the iPad, an application for the iPad that enables you to record your aquarium parameters and dosing schedule on the iPad so you have near instant access to the water parameters in your aquarium. Read More>>


JW Pet Company’s Fusion Aquarium Maintenance Tools

desktop scrubber

Fusion Aquarium Maintenance Tools from JW Pet Company are stylish aquarium tools with rubber nonslip grips and a curved design to ensure quick and easy cleaning. Read More>>


Mag-Float Scrape

 Mag Float scrape

With the new Mag-Float Scrape, you can now easily scrape away the toughest algae with barely any effort and in hard-to-reach corners. The large Mag-Float Scrape is perfect for aquariums with glass three-fourths of an inch thick. Read More>>

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