Aqualumin Rocks, Seashells and Gravel Review

Aqualumin rocks, seashells and gravel glow in the dark.

Now, in addition to GloFish, we have rocks, seashells and gravel that glow. Aqualumin are rocks, gravel and seashells that glow in the dark.


Aqualumin claims that their rocks, gravel and seashells will glow in the dark, are not harmful to fish and have many applications for aquariums.

I took a variety of Aqualumin products (two different types of seashells, a couple of rocks and two types of gravel) and put them into two aquariums: a 20 high and a 30 breeder in my wholesale fish room. Lights were on seven hours a day, and after the second day, I snuck down into the fish room late at night.

Aqualumin products really do glow! The ones I had were nice shades of blue and green. During the day, they looked like regular rocks, shells and gravel, and the fish in both aquariums were perfectly fine during and after the two weeks or so I had the Aqualumin products in my aquariums.

Aqualumin products are cool and will be popular. Now aquarium decorations can be a night light all by themselves.

Aqualumin Rocks, Seashells and Gravel


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