Top 10 Funniest Pet-Related April Fools’ Day Jokes Of 2016

This has been a stellar year for April Fools' jokes. Here are the best pet-related pranks we almost fell for.

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Yep, that's a dog wearing a bra. Via DogVacay
Chrissa Hardy

Happy April Fools’ Day! How many pranks have you fallen for so far? If your answer is zero, then congrats! Your everyday suspiciousness is paying off big time. If you’ve fallen for a few, don’t fret. This is not an easy day to get through without being fooled. Modern-day pranking is highly sophisticated, and companies, news outlets and even friends know all too well how to divulge stories that gracefully walk the line between “Yeah, right.” and “WTF?!”

Some are simple.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

Some are impressively elaborate.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

And now, as if we didn’t have it hard enough (that’s what she said), dogs and cats are getting in on the April Foolishness. Here are all the brilliant pet-related April Fools’ Day pranks that we almost fell for. Almost…

1. Itty Bitty Kitty Hotel

Via Jetsetter Magazine

Cats can vacation better than humans now. Via Jetsetter Magazine

Jetsetter Magazine is promoting New York’s “hotly anticipated” 5-star luxury hotel, Itty Bitty Kitty Hotel. So rather than leaving your cat at home, in a kennel or with a pet sitter when you travel, give him a taste of the high life and leave him here. The amenities will please even the fussiest felines with a game room that’s always stocked with Go Fish and Cat’s Cradle, foraging excursions in local parks and personal achievement classes “centered around exposure therapy to the likes of water and vacuum cleaners.”

Are you LOLing yet? Because we sure are.

2. Lenovo’s New PawPad Yoga 9

Computer Technology giant Lenovo has released a new Yoga tablet, specifically for cats. The PawPad Yoga 9 is “a laptop for those who do nothing — cats.” Some of the cat-friendly features include: a backlit keyboard that is crumb-proof, dander-proof and water-proof; four different flexible modes (laptop, tablet, bend or stand) that were made for comfortable catnaps; and Instant Meowsagaing so your cat can communicate with her friends on the reg.

3. Petco’s Presidential Puppy Podium

Since this election has basically turned into a circus, Petco decided to take it to the next level by offering dog and cat food dish stands that look like presidential podiums. The Presidential Puppy (and Kitty) Podium gives your pet the chance to weigh in on everything from women’s rights to foreign policy whilst inhaling their kibble. Because at this point, we might as well let anyone have a shot at becoming the leader of the free world, right?

4. HR Software Startup’s Benefits For Office Dogs

Finnley the office dog is flush with employee benefits! Via Gusto

Finnley the office dog is flush with employee benefits! Via Gusto

Employees are just happier when they get to bring their pets to work. HR Software startup Gusto knows this, and starting today, will be offering company benefits for office dogs. These new benefits include: doggie 401(k) plans (Why isn’t it 401(k9)? That seems like a real missed opportunity.), playdate support, doggie daycare and paw-thentication and bark recognition security access.

5. Dog Bras For Sale

Dogs can be sexy too, apparently. Via DogVacay

Dogs can be sexy too, apparently. Via ThirdLove

Online lingerie retailer ThirdLove, has teamed up with pet sitter service Dog Vacay to create a fake line of dog bras that will take your pup to a level of sexy you probably (hopefully) never thought was possible. The product names are packed with pup-tastic puns like, “Lace Throw the Ball Conette Bra” and “Paw-Free From Closure Bra.” These bras range in band sizes 32-36 and cup sizes A-F.

6. World’s First Coding App For Dogs

In an effort to create species equality in the tech world, Wonder Workshop has created an app that teaches dogs how to code called WonderPaw. The canine unemployment rate is at a shocking high, so offering education courses and helpful apps like this will give them the opportunity to break into various industries and contribute to society as hard-working individuals. Every industry needs more diversity, and hopefully this will level the playing field.

7. New Magazine “Humanster” Launches

Via Catster

Via Catster

Lumina Media (shoutout to our parent company!) announced the launch of their new magazine, Humanster. This comes on the tails of the success they’ve seen with their other titles Catster and Dogster. Humanster will offer helpful tips and advice for dogs and cats on how to raise their human owners.

8. Learn How To Train Your Jackalope

For new jackalope owners, parenting might seem overwhelming. I mean, how do you even begin to train a jack rabbit-antelope hybrid, anyway? Well, PetSmart is here to help, with their informative tips on how to raise a jackalope, and all the super weird things they need to grow and thrive. Jackalopes apparently love to eat s’mores, drink whiskey, they poop constantly, snore loudly and enjoy singing Western songs. Oh, and their antlers smell like candy corn, soooo… yeah. Good luck with that!

9. Wigs For Cats

Your cat’s fur can use an upgrade. Treat him (or her) to a modern-day hair piece from Whiskers-n-Wigs, which made its debut on EVINE Live, a digital retailer, today. It’s the “hottest thing out of Japan,” according to host Skip Connelly.

10. Tips For Stuffed Animal Owners

Via dourleak/iStock/Thinkstock

“Dr. Theodore Behr, at your service.” dourleak/iStock/Thinkstock

OK, OK… so we included our own April Fools’ Day prank in the list. We couldn’t help ourselves. But we did go through all this effort to gather expert tips on how to care for your stuffed animals to help keep them happy and healthy for years and years to come. We even spoke with Hundred Acre Wood resident, Christopher Robin, on how stuffed animal veterinarian Dr. Teddy Behr brilliantly reattached the tail on Robin’s stuffed donkey.

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