April 2015 Product Spotlight, Ferret Lax Chews And Furo-Vite Chews By Marshall Pet Products

This contest has ended and six lucky entrants won a bag of Ferret Lax Chews and Furo-Vite Chews, courtesy of Marshall Pet Products.

Ferret Lax and Furo-Vite chews
© Courtesy Marshall Pet Products

Marshall Pet Products has two great new ferret chews.
1. Ferret Lax Chews taste so good that your ferret will have no idea he’s actually taking a potentially life-saving laxative supplement. These chews help eliminate and prevent hairballs and have no artificial colors or flavors or added sugar.

2. Furo-Vite Chews provide excellent caloric value and can be used for ferrets who are ill or require additional nutritional value, due to the lack of essential ingredients in their diet. Furo-Vite Chews contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes for overall health. They have no artificial colors or flavors or added sugar.

Check out other products for ferrets and other pets at the Marshall Pet Products website.

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