April 2013 Product Spotlight, Wonky Rockets by Anita Weaslemom

Introduce your ferret to the fun of Wonky Rockets!

Weaslemom’s Wonky Rockets™ are the newest craze in ferret/cat toys. Ferrets that like crocheted eggs will love Wonky Rockets. As pictured, standard yarn in your choice of color is crocheted around a hard plastic, baby rattle-type toy about 1 inch at the widest and 6 inches long from tip to tails — the perfect size for a little ferret to sink its teeth into and run off to hide its treasure. Many ferrets have been known to “work a Wonky” by holding it in their paws and having a good chew session. Some people believe that this action also helps with cleaning teeth. Sturdier than the eggs, which have an annoying tendency to pop open, Wonky Rockets will provide your pet with hours of entertainment and you with lots of laughter. They are washer/dryer safe on gentle cycle. As with all toys, supervise for wear, and discard when damaged. They sell for $2 each, plus shipping, and ship worldwide.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Anita Due via email at or find her on Facebook.

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