Apprehended Tortoise Returned To Custody Of Owners

Kennedy was jaywalking, er "tortoise walking," the streets of North Grover Beach, California, when police picked him up.

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Kennedy the tortoise somehow escaped from his home, but was returned safe and sound a few hours after police picked him up. Via Grover Beach Police Department/Facebook
John Virata

A tortoise found walking the mean streets of North Grover Beach in central California has been reunited with its owners, a few hours after it was apprehended on April 5, presumably for tortoise walking, by the Grover Beach Police Department.

The tortoise, named Kennedy, was returned to its owners that evening after just a few hours in police custody.

Kennedy the Sulcata Tortoise was found walking the mean streets of Grover Beach, California. Via Google Maps

Kennedy the Sulcata Tortoise was found walking the mean streets of Grover Beach, California. Via Google Maps

The police department’s announcement in its original posting on Facebook is just too funny and showed that they can have a sense of humor:

“Patrol officers were called out to a stray tortoise…yes a TORTOISE…found walking the streets of North Grover Beach. It was a slow chase, but we were able to capture him/her! At this point the Tortoise, though in custody, is being well cared for. If you are missing a Tortoise, please give us a call at 805-473-4511. —oh, and we did not find the hare, too elusive apparently”

Some of the comments on the police department’s original posting announcing the capture are classic:

Kay G.: He was racing that chihuahua up in SF LOL
Grover Beach Police Department: Must’ve lost by… oh say a couple hundred miles!
Kay G.: or by a HARE haha!!

Vicky M.: Just wanting to get out and enjoy the sun.BUSTED????

Karina S.: Andrea A. yours?
Felicia M.: It is her’s
Andrea A.: Yeah it’s him, my mom is going to go post his bail.

Kudos to the Grover Beach Police Department for getting Kennedy home safely, and to the followers of the department’s Facebook page, which the police credited for spreading the word that a tortoise was in custody and the police were looking for its owner.

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