Apples Will Roll

It was overcast and rainy this morning, so I thought the birds would love to join me in the shower. I perched Ollie on one hand, Gracie, my ‘tiel, perched on the other, and Mazie my houseguest ‘tiel on my shoulder and headed for the bathroom. I must not have been quite awake because I brushed the end table with the fruit basket, causing an apple to roll out and onto the floor. A light thud and pandemonium ensued; three fully flighted birds took off like bats out of hell.

I know their reaction fits the classical “flight response” (being prey, birds are always sensing things from an “Oh my gosh, what was that?!” perspective). But I also have another pet that is a classic prey animal; my rabbit, Mr. Buns. Now Mr. Buns’ reaction to the apple wasn’t “run for cover.” As soon as the apple thumped the hardwood, he was at my feet, sniffing out potential breakfast. I suppose rabbits think more with their stomachs … eat now, ask questions later.

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