Behold: The Exact Moment This Dog Realized His Owner Only Pretended To Throw A Ball

By the looks of it, Siberian Husky Anulo is not at all happy with his owner for pretending to throw a ball.

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"How could you?" Via Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

You trust your loved ones to be honest with you. You expect them to have your back and never betray your trust.

Anuko the Siberian Husky recently learned the hard way that even family members can lie. His owner, Jasmine Milton, pretended to throw a ball outside in the yard and she was able to capture the exact moment when Anuko realized it was all a ruse.

Here’s a complete breakdown of Anuko’s emotions and facial reactions as this extreme deception took place.

1. Boredom Mixed With Mild Interest

"OK, so why did you interrupt my nap, again?" Via Instagram

“OK, so why did you interrupt my nap, again?” Via Instagram


"OMG, my ball. Throw it. THROW. IT." Via Instagram

“OMG, my ball. Throw it. THROW. IT.” Via Instagram

3. Obliterated Hope Plus Crushed Feelings

"I can see that it's still in your hand, Mom. Did you seriously just PRETEND to throw it?" Via Instagram

“I can see that it’s still in your hand, Mom. Did you seriously just PRETEND to throw it?” Via Instagram

4. Anuko’s Big Heart Got a Little Colder That Day

"No, no. I'm not mad. Just disappointed...." Via Instagram

“No, no. I’m not mad. Just disappointed.” Via Instagram

Since his owner shared this moment of betrayal on Instagram, Anuko’s hilarious reaction has taken the Internet by storm. To date, his Instagram and Facebook page have each racked up more than 2,000 followers.

Because of the way the fur is colored on his face (specifically around his eyes), Anuko generally appears to be in a bad mood at all times. Not in a mean way, but more in a Daria-esque “I don’t have time for this nonsense” kind of way. However, when he isn’t being tricked by humans holidng toys, he seems like a happy and extremely sweet pup.

Dogs don’t hold grudges, but we wouldn’t put it past the brilliant Anuko to have a little something sinister brewing, just in case this trickery happens again in the future. Huskies never forget.

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