Anthony Hopkins Barks Like a Dog

"Fracture” co-star calls Anthony Hopkins’ dog bark "perfect.”

Sir Anthony Hopkins has transformed into a number of memorable characters throughout his award-winning acting career.

But between shooting scenes for “Fracture,” the new psychological thriller that opens Friday, the Oscar-winning actor decided to blow off steam by barking like a dog.

Hopkins would deliver the pitch-perfect performance then sit innocently by while members of the cast and crew searched for the loose animal.

“Oh, man, he really does sound like a dog,” declares co-star Ryan Gosling, at the film’s premiere. “You can almost tell the breed. It’s, like, perfect.”

Gosling says he was in constant awe of his co-star’s talent, dog barking included. “He’s just one of those people who are good at everything – he paints, he writes music, he directs, and he does great imitations of cats and dogs,” says Gosling, who plays an assistant district attorney in pursuit of a murderous Hopkins. “He’s a lot funnier than I thought he’d be, just a regular guy.”

When asked about the canine impressions, Hopkins admits to the pranks. “Yeah, I do dog barks,” Hopkins says. “You’ve got to have some fun – otherwise it’s not worth getting out of bed in the morning.”

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