Another Month, Another Great Issue

May is here, and so is the latest issue of Ferrets Magazine online.

Happy May, Everyone. I hope you’re enjoying checking out the new website for Ferrets Magazine. This month we bring you two new columns, “On The Road With Bob” from Bob Church, and the “Shelter and Rescue Focus” from Troy Lynn Eckart. Bob gets passionate about the ferret situation in New Zealand and Troy Lynn introduces us to the Dook Nook Ferret Shelter, with some must-see photos. Don’t miss them!

This month we settle into our schedule of posting the columns, the Vet Q&A and the Ferret Q&A on the first of the month. Each week after we’ll be adding a new feature as one of the features from April’s issue gets put into the archive. Yes, the archive is in action. You can access it from the link below the feature photo or click here.

Our features in May include a quiz about ferret-proofing, a primer on heartworm, tips to keep ferrets cool in the heat and an interview with ferret-food manufacturers about ferret food.

We’ve already done updates to the website since its launch in April based on feedback from visitors. We now have a table of contents section for Ferrets Magazine online so you can see what is posted new for each month. The link to the table of contents is on our home page under “Past Issues” in the lower right, or click here. We also added a link to Ferrets Magazine on the navigation bar along the left side. It’s near the top beneath “Shop Critters.” This helps you quickly get back to our home page from anywhere on the site. We also changed our forum sections to automatically expand so you can see all the forums when you visit the page.

Please keep the feedback coming about Ferrets Magazine online. It’s helping us to bring you the best site possible.

One of my favorite parts of the Ferrets Magazine online so far is Club Critter. Every day I check out who has added a webpage for their ferret or other pet. It’s great to see and read about everyone’s pets. So far, ferrets are the main population in Club Critter. Way to go, ferrets! To view the webpages/profiles, click here.

I hope you enjoy this issue. And if you want to read something away from the computer, just use the printer-friendly button above the title of articles to print out the article you want. Happy reading!

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