Another Cat Optical Illusion Confuses Internet

Is it two cats or one cat and its shadow? A debate has ensued.

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A cat and its shadow or two different cats? Via Imgur
Cari Jorgensen

Put it on the Internet and chances are it’s going to spark some sort of discussion. It may be a comment or two from your friends, a bunch of comments from strangers or even a full-on debate about what color the dress is, whether the cat is walking up or down the stairs or in this case, if the photo is of two cats or one cat and its shadow.

When Reddit user natural_distortion posted the photo on Imgur a few days ago, the resulting 871,273 views (and counting) and several comments about if the image contained an orange cat next to a black cat or an orange cat next to its shadow was likely not anticipated.

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User pentagalon commented, “I am so confused right now. Is that a black cat or the orange cat has a weird ass shadow with eyes? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?”

The ensuing debate left some users believing the photo was an optical illusion while others stated it was definitely two cats (the “shadow” does have eyes, after all). Others were left confused, especially when this was posted:

A cat with its eyes closed or a shadow? Via Imgur

A cat with its eyes closed or a shadow? Via Imgur

FedExguy wrote, “I was halfway through typing ‘bad Photoshop’ before I realized…”

If you were on the side of thinking it’s a cat and its shadow, sorry, you’re wrong. Natural_distortion posted that they are two cats, their names are Sully and Pete and for the most part they get along.

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