Another Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Another Canine Cancer DiagnosisI’m not sure why, but cancer seems much more prevalent in pets than it used to be. Maybe it’s because they are living longer, so it has more of a chance to rear its ugly head. I’ve lost two of my cats to cancer, both at 12 years of age.

I recently wrote about Piccolina, an Italian Greyhound, who had cancer on her leg. She is still recovering but is doing well. Now her brother, Gardel, has also been diagnosed with cancer.

When I first met Gardel, I noticed the large growth on his head. At that time, I was told it was just a wart and was not a problem. Since then, the size of the growth has increased and a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.

Gardel’s owner is having surgery performed on him in about a week. The prognosis is very good, especially since the surgeon is a cancer specialist. I recently spent three nights with the two dogs, and they seem fine. They run around like crazy, eat every bit of their food and the crash for the night, cuddling with me. The only problem was their snoring!

My thoughts will be with both Gardel and Piccolina and their owner as they face this disease. I’m looking forward to staying with them again when they are both cancer-free and totally recovered. These dogs are very loved and I know that will help their recovery go well.

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