Annual Firefighters Calendar Gets Even Better With Addition Of Puppies

The proceeds from the calendar will benefit the RSPCA, in addition to a children's hospital burn unit.

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It might take you a second to notice that there are three firefighters in this picture, too. Via Firefighters Calendar Australia/Facebook

Are you supposed to call the fire department if a group of firefighters has made you overheat? That’s a serious concern, especially after seeing some of the latest pictures from this Australian calendar shoot. Not only will the 2017 Firefighters Calendar feature some of the country’s hottest firefighters, organizers are making it extra irresistible by including PUPPIES in some of the pictures.

According to the Firefighters Calendar Facebook page (which has plenty of hot pictures, BTW), the annual calendar is produced to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation Burns Unit and other regional charities. This year, the calendar is also helping to support the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), which explains why those lucky, lucky puppies were being cradled by those men in their strong arms, pressed against their chiseled ches– sorry, sorry, got a little distracted.

Fortunately for the RSPCA, the puppies that were originally scheduled to appear in the shoot were all adopted before the cameras came out, so the organizers asked for dog owners to “donate” their pets for the calendar, allowing their animals to pose with some of the Gold Coast’s finest first responders.

If you want to get these guys — and these puppies — into your home, you’ll be able to buy a 2017 calendar online. That’s a slightly better option than starting a small fire (not that we didn’t consider it).

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