Annoyed Cat Slang

Earitation, Bed-rolling and Here's the kicker -- the slang for cat annoyance covers a lot of irks.

Cats can be total sweethearts, but they’re not shy in showing us when they’ve had quite enough, thank you very much. This week, my feline informant brought me a fine list of cat slang words and phrases that capture that very feline sentiment: annoyance. In fact he was annoyed with me because I didn’t have the right treats to give him in exchange for his top-secret Fanglish list. I tried to explain that the store was out of that particular brand of chicken treats, but he wasn’t having any of it. He flicked his tail at me and left … with the off-brand treats, of course.

As he walked away, he wanted me to remind you not to share these cat slang terms with anyone. The underground feline community would be extra annoyed at him, and we’d certainly feel some kind of backlash from our own kitties. So, shh!

On to the Fanglish lesson!

Seat belt
A loud meow a cat makes when a human removes him from a sitting area.

?Georgie cut loose with a howling seat belt when The Lady removed him from her recliner.

The cocking of one or both of a cat’s ears when he doesn’t want to respond to a human.

The Man wouldn’t stop talking to Biscuit while he was trying to sleep, so the cat gave him some serious earitation.

Here’s the kicker
A phrase used by cats when they’ve had enough petting and are ready to counter with a kick.

The Lady thought she’d rub Tinkerbell’s belly for several more minutes, but here’s the kicker – it didn’t happen.

Meal planner
An annoying cat who, after eating his own food, plots to overtake the other cats’ bowls.

Bitsy and Cheeseburger ate quickly because they knew Ravioli was a real meal planner.

Photo framing

Sneakily setting up a cat to pose in ways that make him look naughty, in order to capture funny photos.

Kitty Boo was excited when The Lady placed her on the kitchen counter, but then realized it was all a bunch of photo framing, so she became cranky and jumped onto the floor.

Wardrobe malfunction
A piece of clothing that doesn’t completely make it onto an irritated cat’s body.

The wardrobe malfunction involving the ballerina costume made an irked Peaches fall to the floor, unwilling to cooperate.

Freeze warning

The stiffening of a cat’s body during a snuggle, indicating he’d like the session to end.

The Lady wanted to continue smooching Coco’s head, but the freeze warning told her she should immediately remove her lips.

Laundry sink
A cat’s burrowing further into a laundry basket when a human attempts to remove him.

The Man needed to pull a shirt from the laundry basket, so he tried to move Minerva, who responded with a laundry sink.

A cat’s rolling around in the sheets and covers, refusing to move, as a human tries to make a bed.
The Man decided to leave his bed unmade when Clause wouldn’t stop bed-rolling.

Disturbance in the furs

Android-like noises that come from a cat who’s trying to sleep while a human insists on petting him.

Chewie was snoozing and The Lady tried to rub under his chin, but there was disturbance in the furs.

That’s it for now. Come back next week for another Fanglish lesson, and keep these top-secret terms to yourself!

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