Animated Short Captures All The Frustration Of Owning A Cat In Under 2 Minutes

"Trash Cat," who lives up to his name, will seem more than familiar to a lot of cat owners.

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Kelsey Goldych perfectly illustrates cats' favorite pastime... right after sleeping all day and refusing to eat the expensive food we bought them.

There’s only one real line of dialogue in the short film “Trash Cat,” but it’s one that every cat owner has probably asked their own pet more than once: “Why are you such a butt?”

Scuttlebutt, the animated feline star, displays his butt-ishness on multiple occasions, mainly by knocking over anything he can get one paw on and — as you’ll see in the short — it doesn’t matter which dimension he’s in.

Trash Cat 2

“This pen really needs to be on the floor.”

The funny (and accurate) clip was directed and animated by Kelsey Goldych, who submitted it as her senior film at the Savannah Art of of College and Design. Oh, don’t forget to watch it all the way to the end — for an animated short, it sure nails the real-life experience of owning a cat.

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