Animal Shelter Shows World What A Succesful Adoption Event Looks Like In Best Photo Ever

Staff and volunteers hang out of empty cages in this viral photo following a successful adoption event.

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The gang’s all here and celebrating a successful pet adoption event at the KC Pet Project in Missouri. ViaKC Pet Project/Facebook

Taking aim at those infomercials of sad and injured shelter animals, one photo making the social media rounds — again — shows the upside of pet adoption.

Staff and volunteers (and a few kids, too) at KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri, photographed themselves hanging out of the shelter’s otherwise empty cages following a very successful adoption event in which all of the pets found homes. Their happiness is probably only matched by the happiness both the adopted animals and their new owners are now experiencing.

Oh, what a beautiful sight! 166 pets are hanging out with new families at the conclusion of our Mega Match-a-thon…

Posted by KC Pet Project on Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Fourth Annual ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon, held last October, benefited the Pet Project, the Great Plains SPCA and Wayside Waifs. It provided new homes to more than 166 pets, who were made available for only $25 each.

On the shelter’s Facebook page, where the photo appears, numerous individuals who took part in the Mega Match-a-thon shared their own photos of their new family members. Here are a few of them:


Lauren Dietrich shares: “Garfunkel is happy in his new home and getting along with the dogs very well!”


Taylor Mayes shares: “Jack loves his new home!!!”


Skye Reid shares: “Hammer says thanks for helping him find us!!! He is quite content, and so spoiled! Thanks kc pet project!”


Taylo Wheeler shares: “Lavy (then Daisy) loves playing and being in a home. She’s my little girl. Already spoiled.”

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