Animal Shelter Encourages ‘Down and Dirty’ Politics

Donors can elect to line a litterbox or dog kennel with images of candidates.

As the presidential and vice presidential candidates spar over the best solutions to the nation’s problems, an animal shelter that serves Queens, N.Y., invites donors to engage in “down and dirty” politics by offering a chance to line the animal cages and cat litterboxes with images of their least favorite presidential ticket.

According to volunteers at the Animal Shelter of Queens, they “put together this goofy little fundraiser” where people can help the animals of the no-kill shelter in Rego Park and vent their political frustrations.

The shelter had raised $300 in the first five days of litter-lining with newspaper photos of John McCain and running mate Palin, as well as rivals Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For a $25 donation made via PayPal to the shelter, donors can specify their litter-lining candidate. Every week until the election, the staff will post updates about which candidate is lining the most cages.

Shelter volunteers said this is a good way to blow off some steam while helping cats and dogs in need. Founded in 1991, the shelter serves Queens and its surrounding areas.

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