Angry Pearl Is A Cat Who Could Out-Grumpy Grumpy Cat

Pearl's owners say they adopted her purely because of her irritated-looking facial expression.

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Say hello to Angry Pearl. Or don't, she doesn't care. Via Angry Pearl/Instagram

Grumpy Cat won’t be happy about being replaced by a new, even grumpier cat — but when is she happy about anything? The latest, angriest cat on the Internet is “Angry Pearl,” a rescue whose new family adopted her because they loved her permanently peeved-looking expression.

Will Highsmith and his girlfriend saw Pearl on a Jacksonville, Florida, shelter’s website, and they fell hard for the orange and white sourpuss.

“We thought she was cute and figured she’d be gone pretty fast, but we got there and turned the corner and there she was,” he told ABC News. “We noticed her immediately because of her face.”

And they made sure that the Internet noticed her, too. Highsmith posted Pearl’s picture on Reddit before they’d even taken her home. Now Pearl has more than 10,000 Instagram followers (and counting) and her own online T-shirt store.

Can you force something to go viral? I guess we’ll find out — and Pearl looks like she’d hate it either way. So until then, here are a few pictures of her and her perma-scowl.

1. Here’s Pearl hating being petted.

2. Here she is hating this cat tree.

3. She also hates close-ups.

4. But not as much as she hates bedtime.

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