Andy Warhol Museum Showcases Dog Exhibit

Paintings and personal items of the artist, a longtime dog lover, highlight the show.

Andy Warhol, who predicted that everyone will achieve 15 minutes of fame, loved animals. “I never met a pet I didn’t like,” the artist once wrote.

Now the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is celebrating the artist’s appreciation with “Canis Major: Warhol’s Dogs and Cats (and other party animals),” an exhibition featuring photographs, paintings, screen prints, drawings, and videos of animals, including Warhol’s Dachshunds, Amos and Archie, who accompanied him everywhere.

The dogs appear in many of the exhibition’s photographs, including a 1978 photo of writer Truman Capote and Warhol, who has Archie tucked under his arm. One painting in the exhibit, simply titled “Dog,” depicts a Dachshund, though Warhol paints the dog in blue, mauve, and orange.

Other items in the exhibition include models photographed with dogs for Warhol’s Interview magazine, and decades-old veterinary bills and New York City dog licenses purchased for Warhol’s Dachshunds.

“Canis Major: Dogs and Cats (and other party animals)” runs through May 4 at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. For more information, visit

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