Android Commercial Showing Adorable Animal Friendships Is Year’s Most Shared Ad

The Android spot, called "Friends Furever," has been shared more than 6 million times.

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There's no way you can pick a favorite animal pair, not in this commercial.

What do dogs and dolphins, cats and lion cubs and one curious orangutan have in common? They’re all the adorable stars of an Android commercial that you’ve probably seen (or watched on repeat) at least a thousand times.

And if you have, you’re not alone: The 1-minute spot called “Friends Furever” is officially the most-shared commercial of the year, according to ad tech company, Unruly.

The animal buddies have been shared more than 6.4 million times across Facebook, Twitter and other sites, and the ad has racked up more than 20 million views on YouTube, Unruly reports. Those aren’t Adele-level numbers (“Hello” is currently sitting at more than 420 MILLION views), but for a 10-month old commercial for an operating system, they’re pretty impressive.

If they had thumbs, they’d be making friendship bracelets for each other. Via Android/YouTube

Maybe it’s because the ad isn’t really about Google or Android. It’s part of Google’s “Be Together. Not the Same” campaign, which aims to encourage users to express their individuality by using the mobile operating system. But instead of product shots or screen captures, the spot shows unlikely animal pairs, like a cat snuggling with some fluffy baby chicks, a lemur curled up with a lion cub and cockatoo and a dog sharing a strand of spaghetti, “Lady and the Tramp”-style. And the entire spot is soundtracked by Roger Miller’s charming song, “Oo-de-lally,” which Disney fans might recognize from the animated version of “Robin Hood.”

“I’ve seen this too many times,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

But with all of those lovable animals, how could that possibly be a bad thing?

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