Andre The Tomini Tang, Others Survive Florida University Aquarium Failure

More than 400 gallon aquarium at Florida International University's Student Union Burst at Seams

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This aquarium was installed in 2010 and failed after five years of service.
John Virata

Andy the yellow tang, Vanessa, a Red Sea sailfin tang, a bristle tooth tomini tang  named Andre, Ruth the blue tang, Carlos the astraea snail,  and Ricardo the crab all survived a massive aquarium failure at Florida International University this week when the seam of an estimated 400 gallon reef tank failed at the university’s Graham Center. Rigo, a skunk clownfish, sadly did not survive the mishap.

The tank was in its 5th year of operation when it failed and all the water, fish, corals, and live rock spewed out of the tank onto the tile floor. While the glass didn’t break, it was a seam that holds the glass together that failed. No human was injured during the tank failure.

The university hopes to get the tank rebuilt and has contacted the contractor who built it for an estimate. Plans are for a completion date by the start of a fall semester completion date. Time will tell how the survivors will fare in their new temporary aquarium.

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