Anatomy Of A Mudskipper Habitat

AFI contributing author Stephen G. Noble discusses how he created one of his mudskipper habitats

This is Biff, the author's mudskipper. Screengrab via Stephen G. Noble.

Stephen G. Noble, who wrote the “Three Mudskipper Habitats” article that appears in the April 2012 issue of Aquarium Fish International, details one of his mudskipper setups in this informative video. Noble used a tall show aquarium with a tight fitting glass cover that serves two purposes; to keep the mudskipper from climbing out and to ensure the tank has high humidity which is necessary for the mudskipper’s survival. It is a brackish water tank that contains about 15 gallons of water. Noble installed a canister filter for filtration which is linked to a spray bar on the return side to assist with humidity and give the tank a natural look to it. The tank includes live plants that consist of AnubiasJava fern (Microsorum pteropus), Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana)  and red mangroves. The tank includes an aquarium heater with a heater guard, which is required so the mudskipper doesn’t burn itself. The tank also features a sand beach and hiding places for the mudskipper to lounge.

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