An Artist by Every Definition

Cynthia von Buhler?s latest work comes in the form of her children?s book, The Cat Who Wouldn?t Come Inside.

Painter, illustrator, sculptor, author, producer, musician, performer. Artist Cynthia von Buhler is a woman of many talents.

“The New Yorker,” “Rolling Stone,” “The New York Times,” The History Channel, Nickelodeon, “Law & Order: SVU,” book covers, CD album covers — a few media outlets where you might have caught von Buhler’s work. And that’s just a few choice samples from her broad palette. Her artwork has been exhibited in Boston; New York; Milan, Italy; Bologna, Italy; Los Angeles; San Diego and other major cities. Her paintings might have flashed by you on the side of a bus if you live in Los Angeles or New York City. Her internationally known work garnered numerous awards and is hailed by critics galore. Oh, and she’s also appeared in a video that Beavis and Butthead critiqued.

Von Buhler’s latest work, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Come Inside, is a children’s book she wrote and for which she sculpted the characters. Though she is accustomed to creating three-dimensional artwork, making the characters for the book was her first jump into
clay sculpture.

“I work in a lot of different mediums, so when I work in a new one I pick it up pretty easily; it’s like drawing three-dimensionally,” von Buhler says. “I just had an idea in my head that puppets would work really well for this.”

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