An Army of One

You won’t lose any sleep knowing there’s a Tibetan Mastiff on guard.

When Richard E. came home from work one afternoon, he heard a voice calling out from the other side of the front gate: “Help me!”
Richard opened the gate to find a forlorn meter reader perched on a rock about 20 feet inside the front gate.

Several feet away stood Rexx, Richard’s massive, impressive, and intimidating Tibetan Mastiff.

“He was afraid at first, but when it became clear that the dog was not aggressive, he tried to see if he would be allowed to exit the yard,” says Richard, a breeder and American Kennel Club judge in Palmdale, Calif. “Each time he started to slide off the boulder, Rexx would give a warning growl, as if to say, ‘You are going to stay put until my master gets home.’ That he did.

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