American Shorthair – The Cat Next Door

Though the American Shorthair looks quite similar to your favorite childhood pet, the charming breed has a distinctive look all its own.


When she witnessed her kittens squabbling on the sofa, the American Shorthair casually strolled out of the room, returning a few moments later with a small soft toy. She placed the toy near the kittens and started playing with it, still not seeming to notice the kittens’ antics. “This sparked the kittens” interest,” says Alice Carty, the Columbus, Pa., breeder and owner of the mother and kittens. “They started playing with the toy and forgot about their fight. The mom hopped down and sat admiring her work.”

A calm, intelligent approach to life seems to sum up the American Shorthair’s personality. Take note, however: This cat is not a couch potato. “They have no fear and will investigate everything and anything that comes into the house,” says Diane Rogers, a breeder from Normal, Ill. “If curiosity is the sign of intelligence, the American Shorthair is very intelligent indeed.”

The breed’s laid-back, flexible attitude makes it an ideal addition to almost any household. “The American Shorthair personality is a nice balance,” says Leslie Herman, a breeder from Williamsburg, Va. “They are wonderful buddy cats.”

Such qualities allow the cat to become buddies with all types of people, breeders say. “Absolutely anybody, young or old, single, married, or a big or small household,” Rogers explains.

Classic Good Looks
While the American Shorthair’s personality charms many cat lovers, the breed captures immediate attention with its distinctive patterns and colors. That cute tabby you often see selling cat food on television? Most likely it’s an American Shorthair in a silver classic tabby pattern.

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