American Red Cross Releases ‘Dog First Aid’

After witnessing how disasters like Hurricane Katrina can affect pets, the American Red Cross wants to help dog owners plan for the worst.

The venerable organization has released a new book called “Dog First Aid,” which covers more than 70 health and wellness topics, and includes instructions for treating everything from routine cuts and scrapes to advice on how to handle choking or cardiac emergencies.

The book also contains advice for preparing an emergency kit for your dog in case sudden evacuation is necessary. All dog owners should prepare such a kit, especially those who live in areas prone to hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, or other disasters, says Deborah Mandell, VMD and adjunct assistant professor at the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and a contributor to the book.

“Disasters can strike at any time, and dog owners need to be prepared to evacuate their pets as well as themselves and their family members,” she says. “Assembling a kit ahead of time makes it much easier to evacuate quickly, avoid traffic, and ensure you have all the supplies you need.”

To learn more about first aid for dogs or to purchase a copy of “Dog First Aid,”
visit or your local Red Cross chapter.

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