American Pit Bull Terrier Dogs

With a zest for life, the outgoing American Pit Bull Terrier rewards responsible owners with affection.

Like any happy, healthy American Pit Bull Terrier, Penny loved life with fervor and enthusiasm. When Ginny York, an American Pit Bull Terrier breeder in Virginia threw Penny her favorite ball, it wouldn’t bounce more than once before Penny dove across the yard to catch it mid-air. Whenever the Yorks took Penny to the river, this show champion flew out of the car, raced down the steps, leapt into the river and out, and was back at the car in seconds to see what was taking everybody so long.

When Penny suffered an embolism at the age of 10 and her rear legs became paralyzed, York was heartbroken, but in the car on the way home from the vet, she showed the ailing Penny her favorite ball.

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