American Marine, Inc. PINPOINT Salinity Monitor Product Review

Measure the salt content in any marine or freshwater aquarium system.

American Marine, Inc. (AMI) has an excellent Salinity Monitor. It is precise and easy to use.

salinity monitor

The Claims
AMI claims that its PINPOINT Salinity Monitor will accurately and instantly measure the amount of salt in any marine or freshwater system. AMI also claims that the instrument is easy to set up and calibrate, and that it is durable.

The Test
I first calibrated the monitor with the calibration fluid that comes with the product. Then I used it on two different marine systems in my wholesale fish room. I also measured the same water with a plastic moveable-arm hydrometer and a refractometer. I left the PINPOINT Salinity Monitor on one system, so I could check the salinity of that system at any time.

The Results
The PINPOINT Salinity Monitor and the other two ways for measuring salinity all gave approximately the same readings. The PINPOINT Salinity Monitor is a more precise instrument than either of the other two methods. I can leave the PINPOINT Salinity Monitor on the system and get an instantaneous reading of the salinity — an important feature. This monitor gives readings in salinity (mS), and there is a handy conversion chart (also available on the AMI website) that shows the equivalent value for percent salt (ppt) and specific gravity.

The PINPOINT Salinity Monitor is an excellent piece of equipment. It is precise, easy to set up, calibrate and use.

American Marine, Inc.
Salinity Monitor


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