American Humane Gets New Chief Vet Adviser

Patricia Olson hopes to form new Animal Welfare and Research Institute.

American Humane Association, the animal- and child-protection organization that gives film and TV productions the “No Animals Were Harmed” designation, has named Patricia N. Olson, DVM, its chief veterinary adviser.

“I was honored to work with American Humane Association before, and am once again honored to work with many colleagues who are improving the lives of animals and children,” says Olson, previously the president and chief executive officer of Morris Animal Foundation. “Although we face many challenges, the opportunities are also great.”

As chief veterinary adviser, Olson will be responsible for a range of activities including identifying research opportunities to advance the health and welfare of children and animals; using science to define the key elements that advance and sustain the human-animal bond; promoting and developing academic programs to enhance veterinary medical education in animal welfare; identifying strategies for research opportunities to prevent disease and injury to animals; promoting scientific discovery to advance legislative/regulatory changes for the benefit of animals; and developing strategic alliances and partnerships with organizations and institutions to promote animal health and welfare.
One of Olson’s early goals at her new post? Help American Humane Association develop a new Animal Welfare and Research Institute. “This is a very exciting opportunity, as strategic science often leads to information that can benefit animals, kids and the human-animal bond,” says Olson, who last worked for American Humane over a decade ago. “I have already been overwhelmed by the number of scientists who have contacted me, offering their assistance to American Humane Association. These dedicated professionals want to help the animals and children in our world, and want the world to understand the benefits of the human-animal bond.”

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