American Gentleman

The loyal, versatile Boston Terrier is a good fit for most homes.

For the past few years, Indy, a 6-year-old Boston Terrier, has been fulfilling a prophecy made early in her life.

“You’ve got a MACH dog there,” Julie Haddy of Greenville, S.C., recalls a trainer telling her and husband Dan. “The trainer recognized Indy’s potential as a performance dog — good focus, fast learner, good attitude,” and predicted the dog would win top agility titles, including Master Agility Champion.

Competing in agility with Dan, Indy has been proving that trainer right ever since. The day after her sixth birthday this July, Indy showed Dan once again how well she understands teamwork, partnering with him to earn a MACH2.

“It’s really about spending time with my dog,” Dan says. “When I first saw agility pictures of us, I realized that what Indy wants is to be out there with me. She’s looking at me to see what’s next.”

Created in mid-1800s Boston from Bulldog and English White Terrier ancestors, Boston Terriers quickly gained popularity as companions because of their dapper appearance, lively personalities, and even temperaments. Today, the still-popular Boston Terrier bears the nickname “The American Gentleman.”

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