American Federation of Aviculture Annual Conference 2013

The American Federation of Aviculture's annual conference starts August 7 to 10, 2013, and will include speakers, vendors, children's program and a bird show.

The American Federation of Aviculture will host its annual avian conference August 7 to 10, 2013, called “Looking to the Past ?amp;nbsp;Preserving the Future.” The even will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown Hotel. This conference features speakers on aviculture, conservation, research, behavior, genetics and other aspects of parrots and pet birds. The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. is an educational organization that supports aviculture with education, conservation and legislative awareness.

The annual conference will also have a kick-off event starting Wednesday, which will include an “Iron Chop” with Patricia Sund, a bird and feather match game, and other fun activities. There will be an educational, children? program on Thursday and Friday. The Junior Avian Workshop on Thursday morning is free to the public and will feature some hands-on fun with birds for youth from 6 to 16. On Friday evening, there will be “Grassroots Legislation?and how current and pending legislation can affect the future of birdkeeping.  Find out if you will be affected by the new Federal mandates.

There will be four bird exhibitions on Saturday where cockatiels, lovebirds and other parrots will compete for top honors. The bird shows offer an opportunity to see beautiful birds as well as a chance to learn about them. The audience will have an opportunity to watch and listen to the judging process and learn more about the birds. There will be junior division as well.

There will also be a vendor hall and banquet. For more information, go to AFA website here.


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