American Bulldog

B.J. wanted that laser pointer. The burly white American Bulldog loves — more than anything — to chase the point of light around the room. But the challenge was how to get the group of people in the living room to play with him. 

First, he stared at the desk drawer where he knew the laser pointer was kept. Then he barked. When everyone looked up, he began leaping around, turning in circles, then stopping to stare intently at the drawer. The more the crowd laughed, the more B.J. leapt and spun and barked until victory! Someone came over to see what was inside that drawer. Let the games begin! 

B.J. is just in heaven with a big group of people laughing at him, says B.J.s owner, Christi Jeffrey, a dog trainer in San Jose, Calif. Always seeking a challenge, American Bulldogs have super strength, sharp minds, and great attitudes. But this large, muscular, strong-willed breed needs an experienced owner.

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