American Airlines Offers New ‘Cuddle Class’ For Dogs, Cats

U.S.-based carrier American Airlines now offers preferred seating for pets on select flights.

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The Cuddle Class is coming to an airline near you! Via American Airlines/T+L

One major U.S. airline is flying above and beyond when it comes to travelers who enjoy traveling with their pets.

American Airlines is offering preferred seating for pets accompanying First Class passengers flying from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City, reports Travel + Leisure. Instead of being place underfoot along with normal carry-on items, the pets flying “Cuddle Class” will be seated in special compartments not too far from their owners’ seat.

“[We] designed the special First Class pet cabins… to make it easier for customers to travel with their jet-setting pets,” a spokesman told T+L. “It’s a unique feature and it’s becoming popular with trendsetters.”

American Airlines will now provide its "Cuddle Class" on two of its routes. Via T+L/American Airlines

American Airlines will now provide its “Cuddle Class” on two of its routes. Via American Airlines/T+L

The reserved pet seating must be booked at the time of ticket purchase, and owners must provide “documentation from a veterinarian.” And although the cat or dog may not enjoy all of the First Class amenities, he will have his own comfortable 19 inch by 13 inch carrier — allowing passengers the extra comfort they pay for in this section and giving the furry little ones a chance to sleep through the flight in peace.

There doesn’t appear to be any additional cost for the new seating — aside from the usual $125 pet carry-on fee.

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