Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Release ‘Dog Smuggling’ Apology Video

Johnny Depp's wife, actress Amber Heard, has been spared prison time for not declaring their dogs during a 2015 trip to Australia.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are shown in the video, claiming responsibility and praising Australia for its strict animal laws.

It looks like it’s a wrap on the movie-like drama involving Johnny Depp, his wife Amber Heard and their two Yorkshire Terriers.

After an Australian court Monday ruled to not convict Heard for alleged dog smuggling, the couple videotaped a somber apology for failing to properly declare their pups when they entered the country last year, CNN reports.

“I’m truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared,” Heard said in the video, released by the Australian government. “Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws.”

The celebrities found out just how important Australia takes this issue when in February 2015 they traveled to Australia where Depp was shooting the fifth installment of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Like most pet owners, the couple brought Boo and Pistol on the trip, however, Australian law has strict import/export animal laws.

Pistol and Boo and Dad Depp. Via Business Insider

Pistol and Boo and Dad Depp. Via Business Insider

Heard has plead guilty to “knowingly producing a false or misleading document,” while two other charges of illegally importing the dogs were dismissed. If she breaks the bond, she reportedly will have to pay a fine of about $767 (US).

The illegal import of animals carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of $75,000 (US); the false document charge has a fine of $7,500 (US) and a maximum penalty of a year in prison, according to CNN.

In the apologetic video — posted on YouTube by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources — both Depp and Heard conveyed their support for the land down under and its strict animal laws.

“Australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people,” the actress said.

Depp added that “Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly.

“Declare everything when you enter Australia.”

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