Amazing Video Footage Of Flying Fish Trying To Escape Two Predators

The flying fish escapes predation from below water only to get picked off from above.

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The flying fish flies to escape predators from below only to get picked off by predators from above. Screengrab via BBC>/em>
John Virata

BBC One has released some incredible footage from an episode of the show “Hunger at Sea” called The Hunt, showing two predators chasing and devouring flying fish below and above water. The dorado, a wildly popular gamefish, also known as the mahi-mahi, is seen chasing down flying fish, but every time it gets close, the flying fish leaps into the air and flies as far as it can to evade predation. But the skies are full of frigate birds, which take advantage of the dorado hunt and look for errant fish that are trying to avoid the dorado, which can swim upward of 50 MPH.


The show’s host, David Attenborough puts it eloquently in his usual manner, “They’re trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

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