Amazing Rabbits

These incredible rabbits learned some English, hopped to their own "tune" and helped each other through tough times.

Amazing RabbitsThe rabbit was caged by the side of the road, waiting to be sold for food. It was obvious she had been abused. It was too much to take for my daughter, Laurie and my nephew, Joey. So, they rescued her and brought her home to me. They named her Echo. Eventually, nine more rabbits were rescued by different family members and brought to the safety of our home.  

Echo Learns Bunny Language
I had been teaching my whole life and decided that there had to be a way to reach this terrorized little rabbit and convince her that she was now safe. I used voice tones, specific actions and consistency to start her on a word recognition program. Combined with two years of love and patience, Echo not only became a beloved member of our family, but she grew to recognize and respond to more than 50 words!

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