Amazing Ferrets

Meet four ferrets that epitomize what makes these pets wonderful.

Ferret owners explain what makes their ferrets so amazingEvery ferret is amazing in its own way. Some ferrets seem to intuitively know what we want them to do more than others, some are more playful and some more cuddly. Of course, some ferrets seem almost as if they were born pre-trained and come to us ready to fit perfectly into our lives. Milo was one such ferret.  

The Perfect Ferret
Abbie Perrin got Milo when she was still a young girl, and she fell immediately in love with him. He, in turn, was the best first ferret a girl could ask for. “From the day I brought him home, Milo always used his litter box,” she said. “He never dug in, dumped over or [refused] his food bowl. He never bit, nipped or scratched, even when getting his nails clipped or his ears cleaned. He never chewed up his bedding, hammocks or cage bars. He never stole important items like keys or my remote control. He never chewed through wires, dug in the carpet or up-ended plants.”

Milo was just as wonderful in the things that he did do, including sitting patiently while Perrin dressed him up in tiny clothing or when she carried him about with her in a carrier meant for tiny dog breeds. Milo was a healthy ferret with a fantastic disposition, a gorgeous coat and the kind of personality that charmed everyone.

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