Always be Prepared

Learn how to to develop a pet evacuation plan.

Whether or not congress passes the PETS Act, never depend on anyone else to take care of your cat. You are responsible to develop a pet evacuation plan and put together an emergency kit for each pet. Be prepared before the threat of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, grassfire or man-made disasters such as a chemical spill. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, each cat needs a kit containing:

  • Recent photographs of your pet stored in resealable plastic bags.

  • Vaccination records

  • Cats medications and veterinarian records

  • Two weeks of pet food, water and cat litter in waterproof containers, treats, a litterbox and a scoop.

  • Collar and ID tag.

  • Carrier for each cat in the house and food/water bowls. (Make sure the carrier is large enough for a shoebox litterbox with enough room for your cat to stand up and turn around.)

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