Along Came Ruby

You don’t have to have a pet bird to work on BIRD TALK Magazine, but a lot of us do! Laura Doering, the editor, has a nanday conure and cockatiel. I have a Meyer’s parrot and two lovebirds, and Melissa Kauffman, editorial director, has two cockatiels and a blue-headed Pionus. Our contributing editor, Anastasia Thrift, has a cockatiel named Maisy.

Another one of our team members is our marketing associate, Jennifer Ketchersid, who owns a Congo African grey parrot named Ruby. Jennifer was an intern for BowTie Inc., BIRD TALK’s publisher, and somehow word got to me that she had an African grey. We brought Ruby in and had a great photo shoot, getting lots of African grey parrot shots. It was a lot of fun. Jennifer was then hired by the company and became our marketing associate, so we brought in her African grey for more photo shoots.

Jennifer loves her African grey and is always thrilled when Ruby is in the magazine. Ruby was also on the January 2010 BIRD TALK cover.

“Even before I started working here, I was an avid reader of this publication,” Jennifer said. “Working on this magazine is enjoyable because I’m a bird lover, and my bird [Ruby] gets to participate in photo shoots, which makes my job here even more interactive and rewarding when I see her in print.”

Jennifer’s put together a collage in her cubicle that I’ve started calling the “Ruby Sightings” wall. Every now and then we get a sighting of the real Ruby when she’s in for a photo shoot. The marketing team isn’t surprised to occasionally see an African grey wandering around on Jennifer’s desk, chewing on her notepad paper.

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