Almost 100 Guinea Pigs In Need Of Homes On Oahu

A rescue group stepped in when the guinea pigs become homeless after their owner was evicted from his apartment, and this weekend adoption events hope to find the pets homes.

group of guinea pigs
Via Poi Dogs And Popoki/Facebook 
The rescued guinea pigs were temporarily housed outdoors.

The animal rescue Poi Dogs And Popoki in Oahu, Hawaii, is dealing with a large-scale rescue of almost 100 guinea pigs. The guinea pigs lost their home when their owner was evicted from his apartment and had nowhere to take them, according to a report by KITV news.

Guinea pigs are usually happiest with companions, but keeping guinea pigs in groups must be done carefully to avoid breeding. Mixed groups of males and females must be spayed or neutered; an easier option is to simply keep males and females in separate groups. A population explosion can happen quickly, as female guinea pigs are sexually mature as early as 4 weeks old and an average litter is 1 to 4 babies (although it can be as many as 7). Pregnancy lasts for 59 to 73 days.

Looking for volunteers to help bathe Guinea Pigs! Gotta get them beautiful so they get picked by their new family. They…

Posted by Poi Dogs and Popoki on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Poi Dogs And Popoki is a non-traditional rescue that mainly focuses on spay/neuter and helping pet owners in distress who truly love their pets find ways to keep their pets. But, obviously, it also helps out with rescues. It put out a call on Facebook asking for volunteers to help with bathing the guinea pigs in preparation of taking them to Petcos on Oahua this weekend to be offered for adoption. Since that post, a comment updated that all the guinea pigs have now been bathed and are in separate rooms in a house, one for males and one for females, until this weekend’s adoption events. The below video shows the guinea pigs in temporary care until they were bathed and moved into a house.

Guinea pig heaven. Morning kaukau.

Posted by Poi Dogs and Popoki on Friday, October 9, 2015

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