Allergy Testing

Does your cat need to see a feline allergy specialist? Allergy testing may help determine proper treatment.

Owners of cats that suffer from allergies may want to have allergy testing done on their cats or have their veterinarians refer them to a specialist. Some veterinarians may perform RAST serum testing method. Testing and subsequent hyposensitization may lessen a cat’s allergies.

Jean Greek, DVM, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist in Kansas, highly recommends allergy testing and either hyposensitization or avoidance of those allergens to which the cat reacts positively on testing. She advocates the other type of testing called intradermal, in which minute amounts of potential allergens are injected in the skin and the reactions are measured. Many times, owners are taught to administer the injections for hyposensitization, and they become quite comfortable with that procedure. Referral to a specialist may be necessary to pursue the diagnostics, but some general practitioners do allergy testing in their practices. Discuss all the options with your veterinarian.

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