All You Need Is Cats

Discover John Lennon's love for felines.


John Lennon will always be remembered as founder of The Beatles – the ‘Fab Four’ who burst onto the world stage in the early 1960s and changed popular music forever. What is probably less known is that Lennon also adored cats, says May Pang, his companion from 1973 to 1975. “John did love cats, from the time he was a kid to the end of his life. He told me his Aunt Mimi, who raised him, always had cats around the house. She had as many as nine at one time.” Pang adds that it was always amusing to see Lennon’s “shopping lists” for Sotheby’s auctions. ‘They centered around his cats. He bought the best food and grooming supplies.’

In 1974, Pang and Lennon adopted two young siblings, one white female and one black male, which he named Major and Minor after the white and black keys on a piano. “John loved playing with the kittens,” she says. “He would allow them to knead and suck on his shirt, as cats do, when he was lying in bed.” She recalls that Major had a little more personality than Minor, but both knew their names when they were called, particularly when it was time for food or fun. “John loved getting down on the floor to play with them.”

According to a number of sources, Lennon was an avid cat lover from his early childhood in Liverpool, England (he was born in 1940) through his years as a Beatle and solo artist to his tragic death in New York City in 1980.

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