All The Right Ferret Stuff

Use this checklist to shop for everything your ferret needs.

Are you thinking about getting a ferret, or have you just brought one home? Or are you an experienced ferret owner who knows it may be time to redecorate for your furry friends? This article explores the wide variety of products available for ferrets, starting with the basic essentials, moving on to other necessities, and exploring fun items for your ferrets.


The Startup Stuff

Every ferret needs a number of essential basics, preferably before you bring a new ferret home. These include a cage, food, water and food containers, litter box items, some sort of bedding and some toys. Current and future ferret owners should keep aware of new offerings available through specialty or super pet stores or online pet suppliers that have ferret product lines.


For the full article, pick up the 2011 issue of Ferrets USA or click here to buy the issue.

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