All It Took were Some Doodles to Turn This Cat Photo into Something Awesome

An open drawing challenge led to lots of creativity.

A photo of an orange tabby resting is all kinds of cute – even though we don’t know where the image originally came from – but it just got a whole lot cuter and all it took was a little imagination and some doodling.

Bored Panda user Sofia posted a drawing challenge, according to My Modern Met, asking people to download the image of the cat and put him in some new adventures. The results add a new level of adorableness to the orange kitty.

By Luo Luobu

By Giuntergrass Peciukonis

By Luo Luobu

By Luo Luobu

By Gabriel Gabriel

By Bepina

By Sara Salvatella

What kind of doodle would you have added to this cat?

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