All Homey The Rabbit Wants To Do Is Dance Dance Dance

An angora rabbit might have better dance moves than you.

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"Y'all ready for this?" Via Homey The Bunny/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

They say, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” And this rabbit does. But everybody wants to watch.

Owners of Angora rabbit Homey post the bunny’s best moves to Instagram, where he has almost 2,000 followers. People likely check in to see the rabbit happily dancing with his human family.

“It’s a dance battle, and he knows he does better,” Homey’s owner Jane told

The Instagram videos show that he offers pretty tough competition.

Jane and her husband, Chen, bought young Homey almost two years ago at a farm near Chicago called Bumble Bee Acres. An early picture shows his star spark (he’s in the middle). 

“It shows Homey is very observant,” Jane said. “He watches what humans are doing around him. ‘Hey, what’s that box you are holding toward me? You are suspicious!’ He still looks at the camera like this now.”

His intelligence led him to learn tricks easily, Jane said. And his happy disposition caused him often to “binky,” or kick up his rabbit heels in a joyful leap.

“He loves to follow me, sometimes with a few binkys,” Jane explained when discussing his dance-move origins. “Once, I thought he was too cute, so I also jumped when he was next to me. Then he jumped back again. I found that he watched me carefully and wanted to mimic my moves.”

Jane picked out a few clips that show the difference between when he dances alone and when he dances with her.

“Notice that when he binkys alone, his body is horizontal, with lower fore legs,” she said.

I love the yoga mat especially when it’s all MINE!!

A video posted by Homey the Bunny (@homey_the_bunny) on

“But when he jumps with me, he likes to stand tall with fore legs raised (like humans).” 

“He also tries to match my tempo and the number of times I jump. I jump twice and he jumps twice.”

In addition to dancing, Homey has some other sweet moves. Jane said he does tricks like kiss, turn around and shake hands when he wants treats.

“But dancing is only when he is happy,” she admitted. “He will stand up and beg for treats but refuse to jump when he is not in a good mood. (Yes, he will get treats anyway.)”

We think he has totally earned them.

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